Draw out panels

Incoming/outgoing power and control contacts automatically isolated without manual disengagement. Facility for service, test, isolated and maintenance position with automatic safety shutters.

Feeder Piller

IP 55 FEEDER PILLARS with our with out canapoy for outdoor and indoor duty applications in various industries, hotels, residential townships. SSE makes tailor made panels and systems for project based on process demands and customer requirements. Apart from above our Product range also includes

Motor Control Centre

Form IV separation type tested for 50 KA short circuit withstand capacity and IP: 54 degree of protection as per IS. Available in fully draw-out, Semi draw out and fixed type versions in single and double front design.

Power control centre

Power control centre offered upto 4000A rating suitable for operational voltage of 41v in a 3 phase 4 wire system with an insulation voltage up to 660v at an ambient temperature of 45 deg C.

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